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Comic 2 - The Promotion #2
26th Sep 2016, 12:43 PM
The Promotion #2
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Author Notes:
Spelledeg edit delete
A lot of things have happened since I put up the initial promo for this. (The art has changed SO MUCH) I have finished the story. It's done. However. Editing's happening for the script, and editing is more difficult than I anticipated, but it is what takes a rough idea and forces it into shape. I'll post one more promo right before I'm ready to post pages, so I'll see you in a ___ of months. :') Get ready for pink vespas, desert chases, drugs, and cold business.
User comments:
Boeuf-de-Kobe edit delete reply
Cold business but not srs bsns!? Riot!
Spelledeg edit delete reply
Oh there's lots and lots of srs bsns ;D Don't worry!
T_Deines edit delete reply
*sits for __ months*
Spelledeg edit delete reply
:'D It'll be worth the wait <3 edited story > unedited story
Miaubol edit delete reply
Someone just killed? I didn't notice right away o.O